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Dame, de ta presence joi

Poem (Canso): 
Dame, de ta presence joi
Qui tot me conforte,
Tant gran loial est ta foi!
T’haut vertu se porte
Plus douz el meillor,
Com l’assez fresche flor.
Comment te fais tels travails,
Que rare sont atenté?
De t’ame tu ne fails
Tot d’aver supporté.
Cist bien et cist honor
Sont del chascun t’amor!
Te leve com une baniere
Afin rallons a’t pris,
Por que te voil je merciere
Qu’el te portes quant ris.
Mantient tu gran valor
Et t’avras mon amor!
Lady, I rejoice of your presence
Which comforts me completely,
So loyal is your faith!
Your high virtue carries itself
The sweetest and the best (of all),
Like the very freshest flower.
How do you perform these works
That are (otherwise) so rarely attempted?
You never betray yourself (your soul)
In all that you have supported.
This goodness and this honor
Are (mirrored in) your love of everyone.
Lift yourself like a banner
So that we may rally to your quality,
For I wish to thank you
For that (burden) which you bear while laughing.
Maintain your great valor (nobility)
And you will have my love!