a collection of literature from poets, bards, songwriters, and skalds in the SCA

Errante in la foresta scura, io soffro

Poem (Canso): 

Errante in la foresta scura, io soffro,
Disarmato contro la brutale tempesta
Che me piove come una nera botta:
Vuole a me uccidere, l’indifeso.

Credevo che me dominare potuto,
Però mi desio corso a distanza
Et ora soli sto, m’anima mi tenta,
Ch’ una grazia me salva, io spero.

Penso ch’ io no lo poto resistare,
Se me rassegno a l’attroce sconfitta
Et mai mi porta spererò a conseguire.

Allora, vedo un luce che traballare
Et mio desio salta fuori a l’ignota
Così lo perseguo per lo progredire.


Wandering (or erring) in a dark forest, I suffer, unarmed against the fierce storm that rains down upon me like an angry blow: it wishes to kill me, defenseless against it.

I once believed that I could control myself, but my desire galloped out of reach, and now alone I remain, seeking only myself, and hope that some slight grace might save me.

I think that I cannot resist this assault, so I resign myself to this awful defeat, and never again hope to attain my goal.

But now I see a glimmering light, and my desire springs towards it, into the unknown, and so I follow it so that I may continue on my way.