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Fui un legre e plus san ome

Poem (Canso): 

Fui un legre e plus san ome
Qui crezet que.l fon mandar t’ame,
Cherisme qui.m conforta com bame,
E.l forsa de.l canson fon sol
Eu crezei que volc aver t’uol.
Tant fol fui! Tant errei, ma dame!
Eu vei si.t amor ne serai.
Sol de.l vida la camin lonh
L’ome ve.l valensa de.l error
E sa dame serv iustmen et gai,
Per que.l dona de.l grace le donh.
Prec que.l me donas, bele amor!


I was once a happy and healthier man
Who thought he could command your soul,
O dearest one who, like a balm, comforts me,
And the power of my song was all
I ever believed was needed to catch your eye.
What a fool I was! How I erred, my lady!
I understand if I will never be your love.
Only on the long journey of life
Does a man recognize the weight of his mistakes
And serve properly to his mistress,
That she might offer him the gift of her grace.
I pray, fine love, you will grant me some!