a collection of literature from poets, bards, songwriters, and skalds in the SCA

Honestis Efenwalto et Aenorae me addixi (Olivieres prayer)

Poem (Canso): 

Honestis Efenwalto et Aenorae me addixi, 
Amicos et velut familiam sunt patroni, 
Et nunc esse famulum dominae et domino donor 
Servire fideliter et laudare eos exspector. 
Doctrina sancti Christi id imitabor.

Precor viri. Me custodito, Domine Deus! 
Pedicatorem licentium est Efenwaltus. 
Exoro, celeris doloris mortem me tribuite 
Aut me libera ex lascivo malo, Iesu bone, 
Caeli creationi transportato me.

Curram mamillae Aenorae, feminarum gemma.
Ornatur ejus caput angelica corona.
Velut sol, fulget ubique orbi lucem et calorem, 
Inspirat mundo precem divinum et pulchrem amorem.
Efficebet omnes venere salutem.

Me adjiuvato fugere terra crudella! 
Me parceto pathico et caelesta angela 
Sum indignum eos scire vel te veneror, Domine. 
Beata Trinitas, mihi peccatori, miserere,
Te amo, eos adoro. Paenitet me.


I have given myself to the honorable Efenwealt and Aenor,
Patrons who are friends and like family.
And now I am given to be a servant for this lord and lady
I am expected to serve them faithfully and to praise them.
To do so, I must adhere to the teachings of Holy Christ.

I pray for strength. Guard me, O lord God!
Efenwealt is a licentious pedophile (or, “bugger,” if you will).
I beseech you, grant me a swift and painless death
Or at least free me from his lascivious evil, good Jesus.
Transport me to your most heavenly kingdom.

I will run to the bosom of Aenor, that jewel of womanhood,
Whose head is adorned with an angelic halo.
Like the sun, she shines light and warmth across the universe,
Inspiring divine prayer and beautiful love in the world.
She will bring salvation to all with her love.

Grant me escape from this cruel earth!
Spare me from both this sodomite and this heavenly angel
I am unworthy to know them or to worship you, Lord.
Blessed Trinity, have mercy on this sinner,
For I love You, but I adore them. I am sorry.