a collection of literature from poets, bards, songwriters, and skalds in the SCA

Je voil que ne faz a chanter

Poem (Canso): 

Je voil que ne faz a chanter,
Por le m’amor esforcie
Com l’espoir fait a depecier.
Croi de la que ne m’embrasse.
Pri toujours que me mercie,
Por quoi voil que ele m’amor clame.
Si sa grace ne recevoirai,
Criem que de dolor morrai.


O! Cuer, por quoi ne fais aler
Cez chaaines d’amor que semble
Tu sarcueu? Les doit oublier,
Solt cest cors de tristesse grande.
Si seit autre molt bele dame
Qui ait de m’amor la grace.
Si la vit, ceste proie chasserai!
Savons bien nul amerai.


M’amie douz que m’empirie,
Plor de dolor, me pardonne,
Por tu merci demanderai
Et baiser, si l’avoir porrai.


I wish that I could not sing,
For doing so only causes my love to strengthen
And my hope to shatter.
I think of she who does not embrace me.
I pray always that she will reward me,
For I wish she would proclaim my love.
Or if I do not receive her grace,
I fear I shall die of grief.


O heart! Why can you not cast away
These chains of love that seem to be
Your coffin? You must forget them,
And absolve this body of its great misery.
If only there were another very beautiful lady
Who possessed the grace of my love.
If she lived, this prey I would hunt!
But we know well I will love no such one.


My sweet love who injures me,
Forgive me for crying out in pain.
I ask only for your mercy
And kiss, if I am able to gain it.