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Kiss me, my love, and let us share

Poem (Canso): 

Kiss me, my love, and let us share
The joy of life without the care.
Where others find melancholy
We two will have but courtesy.

Let them sorrowful tears possess,
While we each other’s cheek caress
And join in bliss the lover’s song,
To grow our hearts ever more strong.

The musick will thy head grant crown
Of lily and rose, with the down
Of doves, to cushion thus thine head,
And honeysuckle for thy bed.

On pipes I’ll play for thee to heare
The sweet melodies that reveare
Thy grace, and nectar will be poured
For thee to drink, as art adored.

Dewed ambrosia is our food,
If only sayst this love is good.
We have bliss that no mortal dare:
So kiss me, love, and let’s it share.

Lo! gentle Pan and all his train
Rejoice that we lovers remain:
Eternal peace may we but bear
If thou kiss me, and thy love share.