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Lonh fust un oasis distant mirei

Poem (Canso): 
Lonh fust un oasis distant mirei
Mas malgré mon gran voyage n’atendei.
Que gracia de tas levres goutei!
Que dolz l’ombre de ton cabel sentei!
Del effort desperei t’aprobencar,
Mas me diriget fe de l’amor car.
Tantost vinc a.t jardin vert, ma par,
E.l vista mirei ne ti pot comptar.
La merci qu’eu mirei me donaras
Menassa tostemps esclatar mon cor.
L.amor tu ofriras, prec que.m digas,
Et ci regnarai a.l fin de.m jor.
Long were you an oasis I saw in the distance
But, despite my constant travel, could never reach.
How I tasted your cool relief upon my lips!
How I felt the sweet shade of your locks!
I despaired in my struggle to reach you,
Save that faith in your love guided me ever onward.
Yet now have I arrived before your lush garden, my beloved,
And the vision I saw does not compare to your beauty.
Will you grant me the mercy I saw in the distance?
My heart still threatens to burst from anticipation.
I beg you, but say you offer me your love,
And here will I rest until the end of my days.