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Ma dame, quoi qu'es de mi absent

Poem (Canso): 

Ma dame, quoi qu’es de mi absent,
Proi que Dé sol cele terre defendt
Quan ce mercies outreement.
Oú vait, te suit mi molt bans cuer,
Si mi cors doit a demorer.
O, voil que soie avuec m’amor!
Car puisse faire mas pres de la tor
Dans baillie qu’ele ma joie donner.


My lady, although you are away from me,
I pray that God defends that land
Where you are giving completely your mercy.
Wherever you go, there follows my very unworthy heart,
Even if my body must remain (elsewhere).
O, how I wish I were with my love!
Then could I go much closer to the tower
Wherein rules she who gives me joy.