a collection of literature from poets, bards, songwriters, and skalds in the SCA

Ma jeunesse loing en sin usai

Poem (Canso): 

Ma jeunesse loing en sin usai,
Al gran voler un pris cherchai
Qu’or sai que n’onque vraiment puet realisé,
Por n’importe que molt forment al j’ai clamé.


Donc de cele folie me tornai,
Ai creü, com encor errai,
Alors vos vis encor, del tens inaltéré,
Et cruis le voler toujours l’at demoré.


Me done vos amor, por sai
De vos grandement j’endurai.
M’embrasse pres de cel cuer molt douz qu’ai revé
D’entrer, et la de ma chere j’estrai amé.


In my long youth I led a life of sin,
Seeking for my great desires a reward
That I now understand could never truly be attained,
No matter how very loudly I had cried for it.


Then I turned away from that folly,
Or so I had believed, as still I erred,
And then I saw your face once more, untouched by time,
And I knew the desire, unceasing, has remained.


Grant me your love, for I know
I have suffered greatly for you.
Embrace me close to that sweetest heart, which I have dreamed
Of entering, and therein by my darling I will be loved.