a collection of literature from poets, bards, songwriters, and skalds in the SCA

Me giet davan de ton autar

Poem (Canso): 
Me giet davan de ton autar
Et preg por merces dolz et car.
Can aginol als piez mir,
Et m’humil por teu tot dezir.
Ma can est cel de lauzeta
Per que me jur l’ame a ta.
M’idola es tu, qui feri
Mon cor, et tormentas celui.
M’angel es tu, tostemps verge
Me mantens al ciel com clerge.
Si.t a ma prec n’acordaras,
Que jeu t’ador m’autrejaras.

I cast myself before thy shrine
And pray for mercies sweet and fine (tr. dear/precious).
Before thy feet I bow and kneel, (as I kneel I look to your feet)
In supplication to thy will.
Mine hymn is the lark’s melody
By which I swear myself to thee. (by which I swear my soul to yours)
Mine idol art thou, who hath rent
This heart, and yet doth it torment.
Mine angel art thou, ever pure (ever virginal)
To keep mine eyes toward Heaven’s door. (You support me towards Heaven like a cleric)
If thou might not my wish fulfill,
I ask: let me worship thee still.