a collection of literature from poets, bards, songwriters, and skalds in the SCA

Me trob lonh en un regne estranh

Poem (Canso): 
Me trob lonh en un regne estranh;
N’ai nien mai m’abit et mon cor.
Le ciel ne.m done mai planh:
Mas me mantene en route m’amor.
Com rennemb printems can en pre
Nos paissem et nos plazem ben.
I’err en une riba fere, sans fe;
Me mirara, volerai pen!
Bel crei que ton gentil baizer
Qu’esper a rendre gai a te.
Preg que me pensaras en ser;
Me visitaras en reve.
Now I am in a foreign land, away from home;
I have no possessions but the coat I wear and the heart within.
The stars above offer me no guidance, but rather lament:
Yet my beloved keeps me upon the road.
How I recall the warm spring, when on the grass
Well did we have our fill of food and pleasure.
Now I am cast onto a distant shore, despairing;
Had I your eye upon me, love, how I would want for nothing!
Fondly do I think upon your gentle kiss,
Which I hope to return joyfully to you.
I pray you think of me in the evening
And visit me in a dream.