a collection of literature from poets, bards, songwriters, and skalds in the SCA

Sonette XV

Poem (Canso): 

Wrapped round that iron gate is Typhon fals,
Whose coils do shackle living mortal wight
So that he draggèd is from God’s fair light
And scripts himself instead to Satan’s walls.
He slumbers now, it seems, or else he stalls
To challenge entrance to this realm of plight.
Or mayhap needeth Hades no fierce knight
To restrict souls from entering his halls.
Guided by my light into this darknesse,
Hope I that sleeping serpent will not wake
When flee I hence from his lord’s cruel largesse
With her in hand, that never he could take.
My sweet love grants Mercury’s feet to me
Should Typhos chase, for chaste I ready be.