a collection of literature from poets, bards, songwriters, and skalds in the SCA

Sonnet for Anna Isabella

Poem (Canso): 

When I reflect upon my vain conceit
And wonder why I praise my skill in duel,
This boasting, to my ears, sounds harsh and cruel
For out of hauteur I have found defeat.
So remov'd from right, who could I entreat
That would not call me villain, or a fool?
A noble head and gentle heart must rule,
A child's smile o'er prize is the greater feat.
I claim no right to that which I am held,
Yet such a fame may I forever seek
To earn the mark which she believes I own.
My sojourn ends only when I am kill'd,
And my reward is but to grow more meek,
That I might bear my unworthy renown.