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Surrounded and alone, of both I plaine

Poem (Canso): 

Surrounded and alone, of both I plaine,
Nor wanting either, yet here bayde remaine,
To humoure semblaunce when sholde truth prevele;
But honesty and grace to few appele,
Nor faithfulnesse when fleeting bond might faine.
    Yet peace I wolde not make nor else maintaine:
To daunce after this pipe doth cause quick pain.
How must ones gyle comport and gost concele,
Surrounded and alone, to hurte and hele?
    My self I sette to entertaine,
Else grief and gloom ouer me raine.
Nor wille I tourne Fortunas whele,
Lest neuer more the Dream to fele.
So I, for loue, still beare my bain,
    Surrounded and alone.

1. plaine: complain.
2. bayde: bade (pt. “to bid”).
3. semblaunce: seeming, appearance. prevele: prevail.
5. faine: feign.
7. quick: mortal.
8. gyle: guile, cunning, deceit. gost: ghost (soul, spirit, essence).
10. raine: reign.
12. fele: feel.
13. bain: bane.